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Steve McGuffin

Commodity Desk Manager

Steve has been managing the commodity desk since 2009. Steve was raised on a dairy farm near Thorndale. Since agricultural college, Steve has spent most of his working years involved in the grain industry where he has developed many contacts in the industry, both inside and outside of Canada. Steve used to be an avid runner (he completed 24 marathons), but has retired from that, and is a proud grandpa!

Amandeep Singh

Commodity Analyst



 Cheryl Andela

Commodity Specialist

Cheryl has been with Direct Source Commodities since 2022. She attended Humber College and obtained a Diploma in Accounting. Cheryl is a mother of five and a proud grandmother of three girls and one boy.  She enjoys leisurely walks with her two chihuahuas and spending time with family.   


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Constant Analysis

Our team is constantly watching and analysing the markets to ensure that you receive the best possible price on your purchase.

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