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USDA's bigger-than-expected increase to 2018/19 world #soybean ending stocks resulted from a 3 mmt cut to exports in #Argentina. #Brazil's crop and exports came up, and the 17/18 crop was revised to 120.3 mmt. Old crop c/o up over 100 mmt. #China, USA unchanged.

USDA: U.S. #corn and #wheat ending stocks up slightly, #soybeans unchanged. Corn and soybean exports remain at 2.45 bln and 1.9 bln bu, respectively.

USDA: World #corn, #wheat, and especially #soybean ending stocks come in heavier than expected.

Gov`ts assists with Ont. DON corn issue | https://t.co/OU5CnRT9Dc https://t.co/3QhqaOjxnW

#China imported 18% more #soybeans in Oct. 2018 than in Oct. 2017 (6.92 mmt vs. 5.86 mmt). #Brazil accounted for 58% of that in 2017 and 94% of that in 2018. USA accounted for 23% of that last year and 1% this year.

Harvesting in a trade war: U.S. crops rot as storage costs soar https://t.co/b707LV7eO1

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